Apr 20th, 2010

Mammoth Upgrades Private Peering to Dash Carrier Services

Mammoth Networks, a facilities-based aggregator of fiber, data and circuits, along with Dash Carrier Services, a leading provider of emergency and wholesale voice services, today showcased how synergies between the two companies provide carriers and operators with the quality resources to cost-effectively launch advanced IP telephony solutions.

Mammoth Networks is unique in that it aggregates multiple data services onto one platform, and delivers a one-stop shop for network outsourcing. Further, the direct connection to Mammoth’s high-speed data network opens up access to Dash’s comprehensive emergency, static ALI and nomadic 911 solutions, as well as its dashVoice origination, termination and N11 dialing services. This combination of portfolios makes Dash appealing to carriers and telephony service providers.

Matthew Ramsey, president, Login, an enterprise voice and data services provider works with the pair, reinforced these claims. “Login has enjoyed leveraging Mammoth's network to obtain a solid, low-latency route to Dash’s Denver-based phone switches. The dedicated connectivity has improved Login's overall quality of service, without which, we simply wouldn't be able to use Dash's wholesale voice services.”

“This partnership enables us to work in tandem, and successfully answer the call for ILECS and small-market cable operators which now find themselves hamstrung in terms of access to reliable, yet cost-effective broadband,” said Brian Worthen, founder and president of Mammoth Networks.

He added, “The ability to present a reliable wholesale data solution combined with Dash Carrier's emergency services and enhanced voice portfolios is compelling for companies desiring to expand beyond their traditional service offering.”

The private peering relationship between Dash and Mammoth Networks facilitates exchange traffic, which results in reduced costs for transit of data and voice.

Dash CEO, Justin Nelson, noted that, “ILECs and smaller market cable operators want access to bandwidth and to next-gen services that afford them the same control they are used to having in-house; Mammoth can deliver circuits and Dash can deliver voice, empowering service providers with full control.”

In March, Mammoth Networks reported that its most recent fiber outlay was lit in Denver, which will be used to aggregate rural exchange connectivity from around the Rocky Mountains. The company is able to deliver cost-effective, intrastate, high-speed connectivity to empower service providers based in rural markets that would otherwise be unfairly price-gouged by local and regional carriers. Also of note, is that in 2009, Mammoth Networks surpassed several noteworthy corporate milestones. In addition to establishing POPs in both Atlanta and Chicago, Mammoth achieved monthly revenue growth every month of the year.

Mammoth Networks is an aggregator of data services, serving fourteen Western states with their layer 2 DSL network and the lower 48 states with their private-line services. Mammoth enables its Partners by erasing the invisible lines of the telecommunications structure, and leveling the playing field for Network Providers.

The privately held company is based in Gillette, Wyoming. For additional information, please visit

Dash Carrier Services is the leading, single-entity provider of Tier-one emergency services and wholesale carrier voice solutions. Its patent-pending nationwide NG911 emergency communications framework seamlessly supports multiple voice technologies on a single platform, driving cost savings for customers and increasing the effectiveness of the nation’s public safety system. As a one-stop shop, Dash provides a complete set of high-quality offerings that address the needs of both emerging VoIP and established voice carriers.

Its comprehensive, integrated wholesale portfolio includes E911 for VoIP, nationwide origination and termination, CNAM, 411,live nationwide directory listing and other N11 dialing services.

Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Denver, CO, Dash boasts a nationwide footprint, and maintains partnerships with several of the industry’s foremost innovators. For more information about Dash Carrier Services, visit the company’s website at

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