Mammoth Enhances Your Off-Net Access Footprint

Your National Fiber network reaches your clients more than 80% of the time. The remaining percentage of clients are best-served through off-net access. Mammoth’s off-net access services are provisioned at Layer 2, deliverable over an NNI to your network and supportable as your own circuit.

Mammoth is a carrier-neutral source of access circuits, providing you and your organization with a method to provision 100% of a client’s WAN. You no longer have to give up a portion of the client WAN to a third party that then sells against you at the next contract renewal.

National Carriers benefit from Mammoth's NNIs with:

  • RBOCs
  • ILECs
  • Fiber Providers
  • Cable MSOs
  • Public Utilities
  • Municipal Networks and IRUs

Mammoth supports Ethernet testing and certification through the network, allowing you to deliver a solution to your client that is fully supportable.