Mammoth Provides Options for Accessing Your Data Center

As a Data Center, you have relationships in place with local access providers to deliver circuits to your Data Center. Mammoth expands on that, providing you access loops in far-flung locales, aggregated back to your Data Center. Mammoth’s Layer 2 approach to network construction provides your Data Center an option of reaching 40+ carriers through one handoff at your facility.

Mammoth provisions rural data circuits through:
  • Independent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs)
  • Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs)
  • Cable Companies (MSOs)
  • Regional Fiber Providers
  • Public Utility Districts

Data Centers are often in larger, metro areas. Mammoth's focus is on data circuits in rural markets. As a result, your Data Center can offer remote clients connectivity to your data center for disaster recovery, hosted desktop and more. Mammoth’s reach allows you to promote your Data Center across a larger service area, with no commitment and little risk to get started.

Mammoth's Internet transit usage is running a five to 1 (5:1) ratio download to upload. Data Centers who provision a blend of bandwidth to their clients can obtain favorable pricing for Internet transit from Mammoth.