Mammoth Delivers Big Bandwidth to Rural Markets

As a Cable Operator, you operate in markets that are sometimes rural in nature. This translates into high costs for bandwidth and a high cost per meg. Mammoth’s ability to service rural MSO markets with 1Gbps and 10Gbps Waves brings the cost per meg down to a marketable price, affording your business and residential sales teams an ability to sell additional bandwidth.

Mammoth can provision Waves to meet-points or manholes where you overlap with the Local Exchange Carrier and bring those circuits back to a metro market where your cost of bandwidth is much lower.

Mammoth also acts as a neutral intermediary between you and the LEC. Mammoth has provisioned LEC Waves and switched Ethernet to MSO clients where there was no justification to build.

Our agreement also provides you with circuit portability, allowing you to migrate, upgrade and grooms as needs change in your markets.