Expand Your Network Reach

CLECs can expand network reach through Mammoth’s multiple Network to Network Interfaces (NNIs) and leveraging the private, Layer 2 nature of Mammoth’s network. Each Layer 2 NNI provides a CLEC the ability to deliver services seamlessly to clients across the nation, while ensuring services are provisioned consistently.

Mammoth has built a network that complements CLECs, providing an ability for CLECs to provision Class of Service (CoS), Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS, VPLS and also provide support for high MTU. CLECs benefit from Mammoth’s ability to standardize multiple Ethernet networks and combine onto a single platform.

Mammoth Provides Tools for CLECs

Mammoth provides CLECs with options to enhance Central Office colocation. These options include:
  • Central Office waves and Ethernet
  • CLEC to CLEC connectivity
  • voice trunking and tandem connectivity
  • entrance facilities, engineered routes

Mammoth has experience operating as a CLEC, and a staff of engineers that provide expertise to CLECs as part of Mammoth’s leased services. With support for TDM, SONET, ATM, Ethernet and wave services, Mammoth has an ability to bridge the gap between technologies to help CLECs embrace newer transport methods.

CLECs benefit from Mammoth’s ability to bridge multiple networks to deliver a one-stop circuit, especially in the case of isolated colocations. This method provides CLECs with affordable big-bandwidth opportunities, and the ability to pursue route-diverse redundancy.