Mammoth Provides Tools for Incumbent LECs

Mammoth enables ILECs to expand off-net coverage by delivering high-bandwidth Waves to a meet-point. These Waves can be used for:
  • affordable Internet Transit
  • redundant fiber routes
  • reaching major peering points
  • reaching into neighboring communities

Mammoth leases rack space to ILECs in major carrier hotels and data centers, providing ILECs an option to easily reach major peering exchanges and affording the ILEC an ability to establish multiple direct peers. Leased rack space with Mammoth enables an ILEC to choose a blend of transit providers and alter the blend as needed.

ILECs benefit from Mammoth's knowledge of the Regional Bell Operating Carrier (RBOC) networks, and RBOC products that can be used to reach outside an ILEC footprint. Mammoth’s ability to engineer a solution to leverage multiple fiber networks while presenting a single solution to the ILEC is invaluable to the ILEC's pursuit of diversification.

Establish a Two-Way Connection with Mammoth

ILECs have an option with Mammoth to use the meet-point Wave as a two-way NNI. Not only can traffic reach the rural market through the new route, but ILEC access loops can be marketed by Mammoth to the company’s other wholesale Partners. With more than 40 two-way NNIs, Mammoth has the deepest rural reach in the Western US.

ILECs can present their End Users options for connectivity outside the ILEC coverage area, but integrate those sites as one network. The ILEC no longer needs to pass up opportunity with their End Users to solidify a long-term relationship.