Feb 11th, 2008

mammoth networks touching 14 qwest states

Mammoth Networks announces they are now providing DSL and T1 aggregation in fourteen states. The company recently added coverage in Southern Minnesota and Northeast Iowa, expanding their footprint to twenty telephone regions, or LATAs. Mammoth provides data and Internet connectivity to Service Providers, allowing their clients to use LEC DSL for creation of private and public networks.

The expanded footprint enables Mammoth to improve its reach to wholesale clients. The additional coverage in Minnesota and new coverage in Iowa equates to a fourteen state penetration for DSL, ATM and Frame Relay. Mammoth Networks provides data and Internet connectivity to Service Providers, effectively delivering wholesale DSL.

Mammoth installs a private circuit in each LATA which allows the company to aggregate traffic from the Local Exchange Carrier within the LATA. Service Provider Partners can then order local loops pointed to Mammoth's circuit, which is then delivered to equipment at the nearest Mammoth network core.

"Our goal has always been to cover the Qwest fourteen state region," says Jeremy Malli, Network Engineer for Mammoth. "The ability to deliver a one-stop solution for Service Providers has been our focus these last three years, and we look forward to covering all 27 LATAs."

Mammoth approaches their network as a community effort, tailoring their network for the needs of ISPs, Wireless ISPs, CLECs and private networking firms. The company touts its ability to create private networks at layers two and three of the OSI stack. An example of this would be an End User network with a mix of ADSL, Frame Relay, ATM IMA, Qwest Metro Optical Ethernet and private-line, delivered to the End User's headquarter location over a private connection.

The announcement follows installation of Mammoth's sixth network core in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis makes up the fourth private ring the company leases. Mammoth's Minneapolis core acts as an aggregation point for the Eastern portion of the company's network, with redundant routes to both Denver, Colorado and Billings, Montana.

Mammoth Networks is an aggregator of data services, now serving fourteen Western states. Mammoth's footprint reaches more than 890 towns and cities, and more than 13,000 subdivisions and business parks. Mammoth enables its Partners by erasing the invisible lines of the telecommunications structure, and leveling the playing field for Service Providers. The privately-held company is based in Gillette, Wyoming.

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