Jan 9th, 2008

mammoth networks prepares t1 blitz

Mammoth Networks announces expansion of the company's private-line product with a T1 aggregation point in Northern California. Scheduled for install in late March, the new aggregation point will allow the company to service the lower 48 states with clear-channel T1 services and allow their Service Provider customers to provision T1 private-line in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay (FRS), Multi-Link PPP (MLPPP) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) formats.

By embracing a clear-channel solution, Mammoth avoids the instability and unreliability of a shared network. Each private-line T1 Mammoth sells is provisioned over a dedicated channel to the company's Optical Multiplexor, which is located in Sunnyvale, California. This allows Service Provider Partners to provision T1s to Mammoth as they see fit, enabling the Partner to use the solution most familiar to them and maintain their own Quality of Service.

Termed Mammoth Clear-Channel Transport (MCCT), the private-line T1 solution can be provisioned across Local Exchange Carriers throughout the lower 48 states. MCCT is also insensitive to distance - Mammoth includes mileage with the cost of the T1 port. The company's pricing structure is simplified as a result, with just two cost components of local loop and T1 port.

"When we can sell full T1s in Aspen CO and Port Orchard WA and Valdosta GA at a price below $350 a month, that's a great product," says Brian Worthen, who oversees business development at Mammoth. "Internet T1s, bonded T1s, point to point - we'll support a full arsenal of T1 product."

Worthen explained that while large companies are promoting an MPLS solution, Mammoth is taking a technology-agnostic approach. The company's Service Provider Partners have full control of the T1 from Layer 2 of the OSI stack on up, meaning they can control as much of the quality of the T1 as they desire.

Mammoth is delivering a fresh approach with their MCCT product - Mammoth Partners can bring their own local T1 loop. The company will deliver a Channel Facilities Assignment to their Partner upon request, and allow the Partner to meet Mammoth at the local telco Central Office (CO) for the End User of the T1 service.

Mammoth Networks is an aggregator of data services, serving thirteen Western states with their Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) network and the contiguous lower 48 states with their private-line solution. Mammoth's DSL footprint reaches more than 830 towns and cities, and more than 12,000 subdivisions and business parks. Mammoth enables its Partners by erasing the invisible lines of the telecommunications structure, and leveling the playing field for Internet Service Providers. The privately-held company is based in Gillette, Wyoming.

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