Jul 27th, 2006

mammoth networks transports metro ethernet

Mammoth Networks has added Metro Ethernet to its portfolio of data transport methods. Mammoth Partners can now utilize Metro Ethernet loops as an on-ramp to its private telecommunications network, with Mammoth dropping the data traffic in another LATA or to a fiber hotel.

Mammoth has termed the new product Mammoth Extended Ethernet Transport, or MEET. Mammoth is using the MEET product to reach Service Providers wanting cost-effective data transport. This product has enabled the company's Partners to provision a Metro Ethernet loop in one Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) and drop the data to a Metro Ethernet loop in another LATA served by Mammoth.

Traditionally, this data transport was built using DS3 or OC3 loops at each end of the connection, meaning the End User of the service was forced to buy expensive equipment to support those connections. With MEET, Mammoth can provision data transport between two locations as ethernet, providing End Users of the service the ability to use cost-effective equipment on each end of the connection.

Mammoth has designed MEET to also act as a method for dropping Internet traffic to a fiber hotel. Service Providers wanting affordable bandwidth to the Internet can provision a MEET connection to one of the fiber hotels served by Mammoth. Mammoth will drop the connection at a fiber hotel meet-me room, allowing the Service Provider to negotiate their own rates for an Internet feed. Typically, fiber hotels are a meet point for multiple carriers, making them a more affordable location to order Internet bandwidth.

"A number of our Partners are in Tier II an Tier III markets, where Internet bandwidth can be three to five times the cost of a fiber hotel location," said Brian Worthen, who oversees product development at Mammoth. "The MEET product allows a rural Service Provider to receive the cost benefits of being in a Metro area."

Worthen went on to describe how MEET can be marketed by Service Providers to End Users, such as medical and banking customers, who need private connectivity between their locations. Rather than these End Users using Metro Ethernet to connect between two locations across the Internet, they can provision Metro Ethernet transport privately with Mammoth.

Mammoth's MEET product will initially be available in Denver CO, Phoenix AZ, and Seattle WA. Mammoth has plans to roll out the MEET product in Albuquerque NM, Billings MT, Boise ID, Colorado Springs CO, Eugene OR, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT, and Spokane WA by mid 2007.

Mammoth Networks is an aggregator of data services serving nine Western states. Mammoth enables its Partners by erasing the invisible lines of the telecommunications structure, and leveling the playing field for Service Providers. The privately-held company is based in Gillette, Wyoming.

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