Nov 2nd, 2005

mammoth supports frame relay

Mammoth Networks has announced support for Frame Relay data services on its private network. The company now allows its customers to aggregate Frame Relay circuits and limit transport fees incurred when crossing telephone company boundaries.

Mammoth allows its customers to connect Frame Relay circuits to the company's private network. Customers (termed Partners by the company) can request Mammoth drop Frame Relay traffic to a Partner router via an aggregation circuit. Physical aggregation circuits can be provisioned in one of Mammoth's fiber hotel locations.

Frame Relay support will provide Mammoth's Partners the ability to provision traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) while ignoring telco boundaries, called LATAs. By supporting Frame Relay on its network, the company provides an alternative to paying cross-LATA transport fees.

"We built our network to support DSL aggregation," says Brian Worthen, who oversees product development at Mammoth. "Because Frame Relay circuits are widely used for corporate connectivity, and because our Partners pay exorbitant fees to cross these invisible telco boundaries, we were determined to support them on our network."

Worthen goes on to say that Mammoth's network also provides support for ATM data circuits, which have increased in popularity over the last few years. Asynchronous Transfer Mode data circuits are geared for services such as VoIP and video, transmitting data in smaller increments than Frame Relay.

Virtual path aggregation can also be used by Partners to support Frame Relay terminations. Provisioned between a Mammoth ATM circuit and a Partner ATM circuit, Virtual path aggregation is available throughout Mammoth's coverage area. Virtual path aggregation does not require a physical circuit, but rather uses ATM switching capabilities to transport data from Mammoth to its Partner.

Frame Relay circuits are highly reliable data connections typically used in high-demand corporate applications. Frame Relay is private and secure by design.

Mammoth Networks is an aggregator of data services serving nine Western states. Mammoth enables its Partners by erasing the invisible lines of the telecommunications structure, and leveling the playing field for service providers. The privately-held company is based in Gillette, Wyoming and operates a sales office in Seattle, Washington.

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