Case Study
Advanced Knowledge Networks, Inc.

Advanced Knowledge Networks (AKN) is a network operator in Canada bridging together Canada Bell/Aliant, Telus, Rogers as well as a majority of regional utility networks into a single National network. The company has positioned themselves as a mid-sized WAN vendor, supporting Layer 2 transport throughout Canada.

The Challenge: Navigate the complicated and fragmented US-based telco market to provide AKN’s North American clients with a single-sourced solution.

The Solution: Mammoth and AKN established a partnership by completing a common service connection in AKN’s facilities in Chicago, enabling AKN to reach into the US and receive aggregated service from Mammoth.

The Benefits:
  • Mammoth provides AKN with competitive quotes from multiple US carriers
  • Mammoth delivers a number of US carriers to AKN on a single interface
  • Mammoth wholesales services, ensuring no conflict with AKN’s business

"Our relationship with Mammoth has enabled us to achieve the same valued aggregation service for US access services that we provide Mammoth on the Canadian side. The number of service providers in the US is “mammoth”, so Mammoth brings great value to us. It is true reciprocation……..."

- Brad Arsenault, Vice President of Business Development, AKN

The Solution:
Mammoth established a 1Gbps connection from their network core to AKN’s rack in Chicago at 350 E Cermak Rd. The connection initially supported IP T1s and MLPPP services, but has been upgraded to support individual VLANs for the purpose of quoting Metro Ethernet where available within Mammoth’s coverage area.

"These guys are fantastic" stated Giovanni LaCorte, Senior Engineer of Wholesale Accounts for AKN. “Mammoth is simplicity in an otherwise mine field rich environment!”

The Benefits:
Working with Mammoth as a single-source off-net platform has provided AKN with the following benefits:
  1. One-source. Mammoth has relationship with dozens of US-based fiber providers and carriers. Once receiving a quote request from AKN, Mammoth prices the most appropriate solution for AKN.
  2. Aggregation. Mammoth delivers an entire IP and Ethernet platform to AKN via a single interface, aggregating traffic and making it easier to manage from a technical, billing and support standpoint.
  3. Aligned. As a facilities-based wholesaler, Mammoth’s business is to sell service to companies like AKN, ensuring no conflict.

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