Case Study
Login, Inc.

Login, Inc. is a Service Provider with a Data Center based in Tucson, Arizona. The company has developed their facility into a telecommunications hub, bringing in data connections for the purposes of off-site Disaster Recovery, primary Internet connectivity and voice services.

The Challenge: Add out of state coverage, provide a private peer to Login's voice over IP provider and integrate ATM, DSL and Frame Relay into the Login private network.

The Solution: Mammoth aggregated multiple services for delivery to Login, providing a single handoff.

The Benefits:

  • Replaced expensive RBOC infrastructure

  • Added available services over the aggregate circuit

  • Added peering to a wholesale voice provider

  • Expansion to a nationwide footprint

Login initially approached Mammoth for an alternative to an expensive RBOC DSL infrastructure. Login recognized the need look at an aggregation product in order to improve profit and to take advantage of additional services. The following case study details how Mammoth Networks was able to deliver higher profits to Login and a larger footprint to fit Login's growing demand outside their normal coverage area.

"Login has enjoyed leveraging Mammoth's network to obtain solid, low-latency connectivity to customers across the nation. The dedicated connectivity has improved Login's overall quality of service, without which, we simply wouldn't be able to provide reliable, high quality integrated voice and data services throughout the United States."
      - Matthew Ramsey, President & CEO, Login, Inc.

The Evaluation Process:
The process of diversifying their core business prompted Login to pursue additional coverage for their customer base, many of whom operate locations outside Arizona. Mammoth provided a solution that included TDM and IP services as far away as Massachusetts and Alabama, and allowed Login to integrate into their current network.

Login's diversification includes hosted and distributed voice over IP system operating from their Data Center, requiring reliable and low-latency voice peering with Login's wholesale voice provider as well as a single carrier on which Login could rely to provide private-line service to Login's customer base that reaches from coast to coast. In 2010, Mammoth completed lighting fiber between Mammoth's Denver core and that of dash Carrier Services, a leading wholesaler of voice services, including emergency voice services.

The solution required integration of legacy ATM, DSL and Frame Relay services to replace the incumbent carrier infrastructure. Login was seeking to simplify the billing and support to operate those services and to look forward to an Ethernet-based network. Divesting of their incumbent carrier network allowed Login to complete that migration.

The Solution:
Login established a DS3 with Mammoth in September of 2005, discontinuing a service previously managed by Qwest. By fall of 2008, Login was deploying networks nationwide using the Mammoth private-line platform, and in early 2010 began utilizing Mammoth-lit fiber to peer with dash Carrier Services. By December 2010, Login was interfacing with Mammoth on multiple levels, including a 1Gbps peer and utilizing Mammoth rack space to improve redundancy of the Login voice network.

"Mammoth has been a solid network aggregator," said Ramsey. "They play an integral role in our 2011 and 2012 plans to continue to grow nationwide. By the end of Q2 2011, we intend to have another 10Gbps of capacity between Login and Mammoth to further integrate the networks and leverage Mammoth's network assets."

The Benefits:
Working with Mammoth as a single-source off-net platform has provided Login with the following benefits:

  1. Lower Costs. Facility-based Mammoth can offer lower cost circuits through its nationwide private network.

  2. Aggregation. Mammoth delivers an entire platform to Login via a limited number of interfaces, aggregating that traffic and making it easier to manage from a technical, billing and support standpoint.

  3. Flexibility. Login is able to take advantage of Mammoth's resources in other areas to provide additional options for connectivity and improved redundancy.

"We've enjoyed growing our relationship with Mammoth over the past 6 years and look forward to many more years of solid growth leveraging Mammoth's sprawling network," said Ramsey.

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